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e-StatePortal™ and e-StateWebsite™ Benefits:

  • Cost Effective - From as little as R10 000.00 (once-off) excluding VAT and R250 per month (ex VAT), the e-StatePortal™ can be your communication solution!
  • Quick Development / Turn-Around Time - The e-StatePortal™ together with the e-StateWebsite™ comes with its own unique template website layout. This enables users and viewers to interact with your estate as easily as possible.
  • Website Look and Feel - Even though the template website has fixed page layouts and facilities, the top header and colour are custom-designed to reflect your corporate identity and make you stand out from your competitors. Customized websites can also be created at a fraction of the cost including all great benefits and features.
  • Search Engine Friendly - The website has been specifically designed to enable search engine bots to crawl the website in an efficient and structured manner, index the site and improve your search engine ranking.
  • Self-Manageable - All website content including the news, notices, events, member information and profile data is stored and managed by you in a secure back-end Property Management System.
  • Integrative - The e-StatePortal™ can be used as an enhancement to Estate Security. By making use of the Pre-Clearance Software, a resident can send a SMS with a unique PIN code to visitors for access to the estate or office park.
  • Measurable Results - You will be able to pull a report detailing your website visits, page impressions, number of enquiries, traffic source etc... This will allow you to measure the effectiveness of your website advertising and calculate your return on investment.
  • Optional Extras - Optional extras include the e-Levy Billing system, in which all levies or invoices are distributed through the e-StatePortal™ Property Management System. Additional email addresses as well as storage space can be included in your package.


Resident and Visitor Management packaged into one centralized product - e-StatePortal™. Register or Login to add new users, update profiles and manage accounts, including Visitor Pre-Clearance on specific estates.

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Service Providers

Approval as a service provider on one of the listed estates enables your business to advertise and provide its unique services to those estates.

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