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e-StatePortal™ Service Provider - Features

The registration costs in regards to this will be a non-refundable R500.00 excluding VAT. ATEC will make sure your information and details are processed, and attended to by the estate(s) you have registered with. This cost will be deducted from your account at the end of the same month you have applied in. If the money is received you will be issued a login name and password, usable at which will enable you to start setting up your website.

Once an estate has approved you as a registered service provider, your company logo will automatically appear on the front page of the website, giving your company great exposure.


  • As an approved service provider, your company profile will be viewable on the selected estates website
  • Company details, contact information and a business description will be viewable on a designated web page
  • Using the unique e-StatePortal™ rating system owners /residents can rate your services once delivered, allowing you to differentiate your services from that of competitors
  • Preferential service provider status and access control subject to HOA security rules


  • Specifically targeted marketing to selected estates based on your selection
  • Self-manageable Profile page on each estate‚Äôs website
  • Cost dependent on size of estate and service provider categories
  • Access to Homeowners / residents via advertisement placement in newsletters
  • Easy monthly payment via debit Order
  • No long term contracts


Resident and Visitor Management packaged into one centralized product - e-StatePortal™. Register or Login to add new users, update profiles and manage accounts, including Visitor Pre-Clearance on specific estates.

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Service Providers

Approval as a service provider on one of the listed estates enables your business to advertise and provide its unique services to those estates.

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